Unisa, Unisa Enterprise and Workers Union Find Common Ground

Unisa, Unisa Enterprise and Workers Union Find Common Ground

Following the long-awaited finalisation of the catering services contract, it is with pleasure to announce that
the contract between Unisa Enterprise and UNISA has been signed by the parties on 5 October 2021. This
means some cafeteria operations can resume, subject to adequate planning taking into consideration the
current state of readiness.

In light of the execution of the contract, the affected stakeholders and clients must bear in mind that
renovations, certain repairs, assessment and certification of facilities must be conducted prior to opening, in
terms of relevant legislation that must be complied and adhered to, to ensure employee safety.

Although the catering service will not be fully operational in all the UNISA campuses and will occur in
phases, it is anticipated that only two canteens will be opened at this stage. The recruitment process will take
place parallel to such phased opening of the canteens. We further confirm that some of the affected
employees were interviewed in anticipation of the opening of the canteens. The further engagements with
organised labour -South African Workers Union (SAWU) and employees have been planned to pave a way

The good news to the affected workers who have been out of employment for almost eighteen months due
to the discontinued services, is that they will soon be on-boarded to commence work. Worth noting, is that
the delays in finalising this matter was largely attributed to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

We would like to make point of correction to the incorrect statements made by SABC News. SABC News
alluded that Unisa Enterprise was failing to absorb the employees of the previous service provider. It must be
noted that any absorption of employees from the previous catering service provider was dependent on the
finalisation of the contract by Unisa Enterprise and UNISA, which was only fully executed on 5 October 2021.
All parties agreed that the implementation plan was presented to all relevant stakeholders by Unisa
Enterprise for their input last Friday 08 October 2021.

Unisa is excited about the latest developments which has also considered that plight of the employees and
looking forward to rendering state of the art catering service to this colossal institution.

Statement by Mfaniseni Motha
Unisa Enterprise Corporate Services Department