1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this document is to invite interested EVENTS MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING companies to express their interest of service offerings for assist Unisa Enterprise deliver on the events, conferencing and convening dialogues pillar amongst other brand related events outlined for the year.

2. Background

2.1 Unisa Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary fully owned by the University of South Africa (UNISA) responsible for the Commercialisation of Unisa’s Assets and Intellectual Property.
2.2 As a commercial arm of Unisa, Unisa Enterprise seeks to promote and to protect the interests of the University and its stakeholder, while serving the needs of consumers, advertisers, and the public.
2.3 Unisa Enterprise was established in 2017 with the intent to shaping the future of Africa by increasing commercialization and building strong networks with the outside world, facilitating a culture of collaboration, and providing commercial expertise in support of Unisa’s self-sustenance goal.
2.4 UE will be Unisa Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is wholly owned by the University of South Africa (UNISA) that is responsible for the Commercialisation of Unisa’s Assets and Intellectual Property.
2.5 UNISA Enterprise will place its focus on four strategic pillars. These include
• Research & Innovation,
• Consulting Services,
• Property,
• University Retail and Commercial Ventures.

2.6 Our purpose is to collaborate with communities through exchanging ideas and establishing how to implement sustainable solutions for matters that may arise today or in the future.

3. Scope of Service

3.1 With these Terms of Reference, Unisa Enterprise seeks to acquire the services of a strategic events planning and management company. The potential partner will be responsible for planning, promoting and ensuring the smooth running of the UE events schedule and individual events. The vendors should submit proposals on the delivery of the following components:
• Pre-event organisation
• Planning an event that meets the stated objectives
• Working out event budget, and logistics (venue, catering, etc)
• Managing an effective event marketing campaign
• Managing registrants
• On-the-day management
• Ensuring that on the day logistics are running smoothly (catering, venue, equipment)

• Managing event staff to help mark attendance, run speeches, provide attendee support, collect sign ups etc.
• Sending SMS communications to attendees when needed (last minute venue changes, parking notices etc)
• Post-event communication, reporting & analysis
• Managing post-event marketing/communications (‘thank you for coming’ email, feedback surveys, etc)
• Reviewing reports
• Analysing feedback and report data to measure whether event goal was achieved

3.3 Minimum Requirements

Unisa Enterprise invites proposals from interested and qualified events management agencies with experience in interpretation of business strategy, brand and marketing management, electronic and social media strategy, implementation, and management. Preference will be given to agencies providing a broad range of services. The following minimum requirements are crucial to under the above scope of service:
• A qualification in public relations, communications, or hospitality.
• Communication and marketing skills.
• Project management experience.
• Good leadership skills.
• Highly Organized.
• Multi-tasker.
• Good time management.
• Proficiency in various event software.
• Expert interpersonal skills.
• Risk management experience.
• 2 examples of work done previously similar to the scope of work elements should be part of the submission
• Latest B-BBEE Certificate/affidavit
• Tax Clearance Certificate (now Tax Compliance Status).

4. Special Conditions

4.1 The following Special Conditions of Contract shall supplement the General Conditions of Contract. Whenever there is a conflict, the provisions herein shall prevail over those in the General Conditions of Contract and SLA entered.
4.2 This bid and all contracts emanating there from will be subject to the General Conditions of Contract (GCC). The Special Conditions are supplementary to that of the General Conditions of Contract. Where, however the Special Conditions of Contract conflict with General Conditions of Contract, the Special Conditions of the Contract prevail.
4.3 The methodology criteria of the functionality assessment must outline the approach and plan of the proposer and is critical to convince the BID evaluation team on the appreciation of the work required. It will also form as part of the basis for service level agreement content and/or related negotiations.
4.4 No service will be rendered without an official order.
4.5 Payment will be based on services delivered satisfactorily.

Please download full spec here.