Public Service Project Management

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Course Overview

The application of Project Management (PM) tools and techniques in public sector is gradually becoming an important issue in developing economies, especially in a new development country like South Africa where projects of different size and structures are undertaken. To enable the learner to examine the theoretical and analytical frameworks of project management within a Public Service environment, the course will assist in meeting the sector-specific Programme and Project management and leadership competencies (skills and knowledge) required and alleviate capacity constraints that confront the broader South-African Public Service. The short course offering will allow learners to develop their Programme and Project management skills, knowledge and values, which will consequently contribute positively towards improving public service delivery and development of the country. The course enhances promotional- and employment opportunities within the Senior Management Services echelon of the SA public Service because it enhances professional as well as occupational development.


Programme and Project Management skills and knowledge is seen as an important contributor to the realisation of South Africa as a developmental state. During the design of the curriculum, consideration was given to specialisations and career opportunities in the field with specific reference to the Senior Management Service Competency Framework. In this regard, competence-based Learning Programme aims to enable public officials to:

  • Collect, analyse, organize and critically evaluate information in this field of study.
  • Apply theoretical principles, judgements and legislation and solve problems in the field of Programme and Project Management; and
  • Within the field of Public Management, identify the relevant issues relating to a specific situation, identify the relevant principles applicable and apply this to reach a solution; and
  • Collect, analyse, synthesise, critically evaluate and apply knowledge to reach conclusions and be able to make recommendations.

Course Content (Curriculum)

  • Project Risk Management
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Project Scope and Scheduling
  • Project Resource and Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder and Communication Management
  • Project Financial Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Applied Technology
  • Workplace related portfolio

Admission requirements:

Grade 12 This programme is specifically designed and structured to adhere to requirements and specifications of the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) for the training of middle (MMS) – and senior (SMS) managers as outlined in the Senior Management Services (SMS) Competency Framework.

Learning assumed to be in place:

Grade 12 and proficiency in English.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, participants will:

  • Demonstrate competence in designing systems, strategies and programmes for public policy implementation.
  • Apply appropriate project management competencies in programme development and delivery.
  • Apply relevant performance management systems in programme monitoring and evaluation.
  • Integrate knowledge and critical understanding of, as well as engagement in, different theories and principles applicable within the field of Public Management and the ability to apply such knowledge and understanding to critically analyse and evaluate global and local studies in this area.
  • Critically interrogate multiple sources of knowledge, especially published journal articles on studies within the field of Public Management, and to critically review and evaluate the methods of research as well as the results and recommendations produced by such research.
  • Evaluate and apply a range of different but appropriate Public Management skills and scientific methods of inquiry to investigate, reflect on and then address complex or abstract problems, thereby contributing to positive change within practice.
  • Engage with and address ethical issues pertaining to the academic environment, Public Management practice and society to effect change in conduct and adaptation where necessary.
  • Deliver an accurate, coherent, appropriate and creative presentation and communication of innovative and new professional ideas, methods and research findings to policymakers, practitioners, other role players and academics within the field of Public Management, with understanding of and respect for intellectual property conventions, copyright and rules on plagiarism.
  • Work effectively as part of a team to solve discipline-related problems and to take responsibility for task-specific outcomes and appropriate use of relevant resources.
  • Apply, in a self-critical manner, appropriate learning strategies to effectively address professional and lifelong learning needs while developing accountability for the utilisation of resources.

Course Features

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  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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