Smart Carwash

Smart Carwash is an innovation aimed at revolutionising the car wash industry in South Africa and beyond through the application of technology in its business and operations processes. Using a mobile phone through its Smart Carwash App, this technology provides a business software solution that runs the entire car wash business on a mobile phone. It is capable of producing financial reports, performance reports and analytics.

Furthermore, Smart Carwash allow users to book their cars for washing services through the mobile app. It provides convenient to the users wherein their cars are washed from the parking bays. The entire washing process is monitored via a 360-degree IP camera that provides comfort and peace of mind to the clients.

Smart Carwash is relevant in addressing a number of challenges not only faced by the driving population, but the country at large. With its waterless nanotechnology, Smart Carwash contributes to ecological evolution.

Smart Carwash, convenience at your fingertips

UNISA Enterprise is at the helm of implementing this technology across UNISA campuses.