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Company Description

Unisa Catering Services (Pty) Ltd (“UCS”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unisa Enterprise (Pty) Ltd, which is owned 100% by University of South Africa. The core mandate of Unisa Enterprise is to generate third stream income to enable the university to become financially sustainable. UCS is currently operating canteens and providing catering services at various Unisa campuses.

Role Description

The NED will work with other members of the UCS Board of Directors. As stated in UCS’s Memorandum of Incorporation, the authority of the Board of Directors is to manage and direct the business and affairs of the company.

As a member of the Board, the NED helps the Board carry out its primary objectives through the following functions:
• manage and direct the business and affairs of the company in line with the company’s MOI,
• comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and reporting requirements,
• safeguard the assets of the company,
• apply adequate risk management and control processes,
• approve financial statements of the company,
• serve on board sub-committee(s).

The NED, as a member of the board, does not assume the function of management which remains the responsibility of the management team.

Candidates Criteria:

Key attributes/skills sought:
• Substantial experience in facilities management, FMCG;
• Enterprise Development
• Compliance & risk management
• Finance & Operations

Education and experience requirements:
• Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in Finance, Human Resources, Legal or other related fields.

• A post-graduate qualification (such as a CA, MBA or MSc) is preferred.
• At least 7 years of facilities management, FMCG experience covering business strategy, corporate, human resource management, risk management.
• Strong interpersonal skills.
• Sound business judgement.
• Significant experience and analytical mindset to assess business models.
• Superb written and verbal communication and presentation skills in English.
• Knowledge of Companies Act, compliance essential.

Personal traits:
• Strong character, independent thinking and sound personal values, especially ethics and integrity.
• Commitment – able to meet the time demands of the company at board (4-6 meetings/year), investment committee (monthly) and possibly one other board sub-committee (4-5/year) level.

Qualifying candidates can send a comprehensive CV and a cover letter to: Lebogang.radebe3@unisa.ac.za

• Remunerated.

• Gauteng.

Should you not hear from Unisa Enterprise (Pty) Ltd within 4 weeks of the deadline, please do regard your application as unsuccessful.

Email applications to: lebogang.radebe3@unisa.ac.za
Deadline for applications:

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By clicking "Accept" or "Agree" you agree to all the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, do not click "Accept" or "Agree". If you are clicking "Accept" or "Agree" on behalf of your employer or as a consultant or agent of a third party (collectively, Customer), you hereby represent and warrant that you have been given the power of attorney by your employer or such third party (Customer) to carry out this transaction and conclude the respective contracts with SAP on behalf of Customer. If you do not have the appropriate power of attorney, we kindly ask you to not continue with this transaction.

Once completed, this agreement (defined below) is a legally binding agreement for SAP Cloud Services between Customer and the SAP affiliate or subsidiary company ("SAP") in the country in which Customer is located and from which Customer is subscribing to the SAP Cloud Services displayed in the Order Summary and Order Confirmation (both defined below).

Please note that the transaction will only be completed, and the contract formed, when SAP accepts Company's offer by either SAP sending an order confirmation e-mail to Customer, or the Software or the Cloud Services being made available to Customer by SAP. Until then, if any issue arises regarding the processing of the order, SAP reserves the right to cancel the transaction and Customer will be notified accordingly.

This order document (Order Document) is governed by and incorporates the following documents in effect as of the effective date. All documents are listed in order of precedence and are collectively referred to as the "Agreement":

Agreement Location
Supplemental Terms and Conditions https://www.sap.com/about/trust-center/agreements/cloud/cloud-services.html?sort=latest_desc&search=Supplement&tag=language:english
Support Schedule for Cloud Services https://www.sap.com/docs/download/agreements/product-use-and-support-terms/cls/en/support-schedule-for-cloud-services-english-v10-2022.pdf
Service Level Agreement for Cloud Services https://www.sap.com/docs/download/agreements/product-use-and-support-terms/cls/en/service-level-agreement-for-sap-cloud-services-english-v8-2023.pdf
Data Processing Agreement for Cloud Services https://www.sap.com/docs/download/agreements/product-use-and-support-terms/dpa/data-processing-agreement-for-sap-cloud-services-english-v8-2021.pdf
General Terms and Conditions for Cloud Services (Direct) https://www.sap.com/docs/download/agreements/general-terms-and-conditions/cls/general-terms-and-conditions-for-cloud-services-direct-south-africa-english-v5-2021.pdf

Customer has had the opportunity to review the Agreement, including without limitation the Terms and Conditions, Schedules and Supplements mentioned above, prior to accepting this Agreement. SAP recommends Customer prints copies of the applicable Terms and Conditions, Schedules and Supplements for Customer's own records.

1. Cloud Service and Fees: The Cloud Service fees pursuant to this Agreement consist of the component(s) identified in the order summary displayed on the SAP Store ("Order Summary") as well as in the corresponding order confirmation email Customer receives from the SAP Store ("Order Confirmation").

Payment is not dependent upon completion of any implementation services. Fees for Non-recurring services shall be invoiced by SAP on a one-time basis and paid by Customer in accordance with the GTCs. Fees for renewal terms will be equal to the fees for the immediately preceding subscription term (including any additional Usage Metrics or Cloud Services added to this Order Form during the Subscription Term), provided SAP may apply an increase to such fees (over the preceding term of the Order Form) to account for changes in consumer prices generally over the preceding term of the Order Form. Non-recurring fees (if any) shall be invoiced by SAP and paid by Customer upon commencement of the Term.

2. Cloud Service Access and Taxes: Customer acknowledges that the "Ship-To" address entered by Customer in the SAP Store site is the primary location from which Customer will access the Cloud Service ("Primary Access Location"). If Customer does not provide a Primary Access Location, SAP will incorporate a default Primary Access Location to Customer's sold-to address. It is the obligation of the Customer to consider if withholding tax is applicable. In case of any applicable local taxes, these are to be borne by Customer. Applicable taxes must be declared and paid to the respective tax authority by Customer. Customer's failure to provide SAP with its VAT and/or GST number may have sales tax implications. Cloud Services Fees do not include Taxes.

3. Notification: Unless the Supplement states otherwise, the initial Subscription Term and any renewal Subscription Term will automatically renew for the time intervals selected in the ordering pages of SAP Store by the Customer. Auto-renewal will not occur if Customer notifies SAP at least 1 month or SAP notifies Customer at least 6 months prior to the end of any Subscription Term of its intent to not renew the Order Form.

The Customer may prevent auto-renewal to occur by notifying SAP using this link or via SAP for Me.

4. Payments:

(a) The fees for the initial term of the Cloud Service are included in the ordering page(s) of the SAP Store.

(b) In the ordering pages, the Customer may select between payment options applicable for this transaction, which will be applied for the initial and all subsequent terms of the agreement. SAP will invoice customer or charge the provided credit card in accordance with the GTC.

(c) The customer will be billed in advance for each billing period during the term of this Agreement for use of the Cloud Service unless stated otherwise in the schedules in this document.

(d) For customers registering with SAP for the first time, SAP may require Credit Card information as additional means of identification. No effective charge will be made to the Credit Card for registration purposes, but customers may see a zero value transaction subject to the country and type of card being used.

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