National Certificate: Farming



A learner assessed as competent against this qualification will have the necessary competence to monitor, implement, co-ordinate, plan and control the agricultural processes as applicable to the agricultural commodity within a context of either agronomy, horticulture or animal husbandry. Furthermore, the learner will be able to take responsible decisions based on a sound understanding of the principles of management, human resources management, agricultural production and technical knowledge and skills. The learner will also be able to adhere to and implement according to the level of management relevant quality, safety and hygiene standards as applicable within the industry. In addition they will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas of agricultural commodities within a context of either agronomy, or horticulture or animal husbandry as applicable to the agricultural commodity, or to strive towards agricultural management standards and practice at higher levels. Competent qualifying
learners in this qualification will oversee quality agricultural products whereby enhancing the overall agricultural process and gain opportunities to access local, national and international agricultural markets.


EXIT LEVEL OUTCOMES  On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

  • Interpret and manage a sub- section of a pre-set business plan.
  • Understand, interpret and apply technology within a specific context (either horticulture, or agronomy, or animal husbandry) and appropriate to a commodity(ies) of own choice. This could be applicable to both primary and secondary agricultural processes.
  • Understand, implement and apply safety and hygiene standards to comply with applicable legislation and industry requirements.
  • Understand, apply and monitor different production systems appropriate to an agricultural commodity(ies).
  • Implement applicable legislation.
  • Identify possible disasters and apply the necessary precautions.
  • Collect and apply data and information.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and adhere to basic marketing
    principles, taking into account quality standards and the export market.
  • Understand and apply the communication process and evaluate the success thereof.
  • Work effectively with others and lead a team by applying basic teamwork principles.
  • Understand what informs personal ethics, values, and norms and how it impacts on the workplace with specific reference to relationships with co-workers, clients, him- or her as well as the environment.
  • Identify and access basic resources.
  • Co-ordinate production processes.
Additional Information

1 Year